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The misery of patterns

For the creation of this serie, I had to start over my thinking patterns. I had to be more innovative in the creation of the basic elements of my work. otherwise my work would follow only a continuation of my borrowed assumptions on the work of others. How would I defend my future works as an autonomous artist if I had not conceived every aspect of my work myself?

So I designed my canvases for this series in the golden ratio, rounded to whole numbers corresponding to the series of (the Italian mathematician) Fibonacci. Fibonacci was considered one of the first Western mathematician to publish original work since Greek antiquity. By going back to the question about mathematical relations, I broke with the current standard size and ratio for canvases.

In the same mathematics I searched for originality in patterns for images. I found a way to paint an anti-fractal dimension across the fractal base. It would take months to apply the paint with an adapted instrument. The experiments proved successful, I had invented my own procedures.

At the end of the experiment, I found myself strangely back at the point where I had started. I had done my best to develop a visual pattern that would be as autonomous as possible. It was absolutely an original concept, until the procedures would repeat itself. The misery of patterns became visible.


144 x 89 cm


The misery of patterns


Linnen, acryl and a special acryl blend